“Midas has consistently provided the best flow of quality and relevant candidates to the numerous openings that they have assisted in filling. Their organization's professionalism and thoroughness is refreshing”.

Regional Vice President of Sales
Leading Talent Management Applications / HR solutions Vendor

“Midas works with us as a trusted partner to help develop our business. They have a careful, focused and efficient approach to bringing qualified candidates to us for our most critical positions. Their recruiting methods focus on quality of fit, not quantity or pressure.”

Vice President of Sales
Leading Enterprise Strategy Execution Applications / BI solutions vendor

“I enjoyed working with you, and you brought some outstanding candidates to the table (including the one we hired), so you can expect to hear from me again when I have other positions to fill.”

Vice President of Sales
Retail applications software company

“Midas listens closely to learn about the type of candidates I’m looking for, and then delivers candidates with the skill sets I’m looking for on a timely basis.”

Director of Sales
Human Resources Software Company

“Scott Berger from Midas Management is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with for sales professionals. He was very good at listening and understanding our requirements and then always presenting high quality candidates that fit those requirements. He will always be a go to person for all of my sales recruiting needs.”

Former Vice President of Sales
Talent Management Applications / HR Solutions Vendor

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